Sunday + Food Only


                              BALLOTS, BLOOMERS, and MARMALADE

                                                     Peterboro Women’s History Weekend

                                           NYS Centennial of Women’s Suffrage

                                                         September 22-24, 2017

                                          First 25 registrtrants receive free copy of "Invention of Wings"

                                     REGISTRATIONS: September 15, 2017

More Information and Registration Forms: or Call 315-280-8828


                 FRI SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

     Game of Life: Peterboro Baseball Story Free

          Package: Sunday Programs and Food $35

                  SUN SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 Only

     8:30 Women’s Walk: Tour Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark 

     9:30 Parity Breakfast Individual Pay

     10:30 Before the Beginning: Abolition and the Women’s Rights Movement 

     11:30 Launch Lunch 

     12:30 Moving Forward: Action Panel 

     1:30 The Rest of the Story of the Suffrage Movement: Sally Roesch Wagner PhD 

                          Reservations due September 15.

     Make checks payable to:

     Smithfield Community Association

     PO Box 6

     Peterboro NY 13134

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