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John Brown, (1800- 1859) was born in Connecticut and raised in the Calvinist tradition by poor parents who taught him that divine predestination ruled lives. When the family moved to Hudson, Ohio, John became friends with local black children and Native Americans.  Between 1848 and 1859, Brown visited Gerrit Smith in Peterboro four times. Brown secured Smith’s financial aid for his antislavery work both in Kansas and at Harpers Ferry. The decision to fund the Harpers Ferry invasion was made on February 23, 1859, as Smith and Franklin B. Sanborn – two of the “Secret Six” supporters of Brown walked in the snow outside of Smith’s Peterboro home. The passage of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law infuriated Brown, and he established the United States League of Gileadites to encourage slaves to resist their owners by force. The result was his attack on the United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry on October 16, 1859. That event sparked the Civil War and the eventual abolishment of slavery in the United States. Brown was subsequently tried for treason against the State of Virginia, and hanged for his effort to abolish slavery.  John Brown was inducted into the National Abolition Hall of Fame & Museum in 2007 as a member of the second class of abolition inductees.





John Brown was inducted into the National Abolition Hall of Fame & Museum in Peterboro, NY in 2007.


2.25” diameter metal shell


Mylar protective cover


Metal pin back


Artwork by Joe Flores

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