Frederick Douglass Hand Puppet


Frederick Douglass 1818-1895 abolitionist, eloquent orator, writer, editor and women’s rights advocate,and was born a slave in Maryland. Douglass  failed at his first attempt to escape to the North.  On his second attempt, in 1838 he succeeded and settled in the New Bedford, Mass. area in order to use his skills as a ship caulker in the growing whale hunting industry. When he spoke at an anti-slavery meeting in 1841, William Lloyd Garrison heard him and invited him to join the America Anti-Slavery Society and become a persuasive speaker for the cause. By the late 1840’s, he had met Gerrit Smith who convinced him to give up the persuasive moralizing and join the budding effort to abolish slavery by political means. He became a supporter of the Liberty Party and moved to Rochester, NY in order to carry out his dream of being a journalist and to avoid the influence of Garrison.

Eco-Brazil Corp. is dedicated to offering products from other cultures in an effort to increase understanding and communication with these cultures. We provide information with the products that we hope will be both entertaining and thought-provoking. We believe that learning should be fun, and that toys can be an excellent vehicle for transmitting knowledge.  We hope these puppets will stimulate an interest in history and the struggle for freedom.

We assist local artisans with product development and access to the international market. We believe that protecting the biodiversity of our environment and supporting people at the local level are extremely important for the future of our planet. Although the task is enormous, if many people take small steps, there is a chance for success.

We would like these thoughts to "echo" throughout the world.




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